MIDI CD Controllers (single or dual mode) -with audio sound card-

The system must recognize your MIDI CD controller/s before configuring in DJ ProMixer.

– Check and install the drivers of your device from the oficial website.

Plug your MIDI CD Controller and go to “Config” to configurate it.


Single Mode (2 MIDI CD Controllers connected) DJ ProMixer MIDI NDX 800 Single

Select in MIDI PORT / MIDI MAP 1 on the left side one MIDI CD Controller device and select on the right side the SINGLE A.XML map. Select in MIDI PORT / MIDI MAP 2 on the left side the other MIDI CD Controller device and select on the right side the SINGLE B.XML map

Dual Mode MIDI NDX 800 Dual

Select in MIDI PORT / MIDI MAP 1 on the left side your MIDI CD Controller device, and select on the right side the (A AND B).XML map. Nothing selected in MIDI PORT / MIDI MAP 2

How to change the decks? Two ways: 1.- Hardware: Check the assigned button at MIDI map. 2.- Software: By clicking the headphone button of the deck.


Open DJ ProMixer and go to “Config” open “Audio Setup”, here you can select your MIDI CD Controller as Audio Sound Card.
There are two ways to connect your device/s as Audio Sound Card (It depends of the drivers of the manufacturer):

1.- ASIO Driver Mode (If it is supported)



2.- Direct sound

DJ ProMixer MIDI CD Audio

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