Q.- If DJ ProMixer is Free. Then… Why activate it?
A.- DJ ProMixer is a free DJ Software with all the mains features open to work as Home DJ. If you want to use DJ ProMixer as Advanced or Professional DJ you must to activate only by 1,99€.
Limited features:
– MIDI / HID devices (10 minutes limited).
– Recording time (10 minutes limited).
– Complex audio configuration.



Q.- How can I activate DJ ProMixer?
You need Internet connection and a Paypal account, then follow this easy steps:

Q.- Why I can not activate DJ ProMixer in others computers?
Our license is valid only for one computer.
Each PC has a different Computer I.D. and then, there is only one valid Response Code for each computer.

Q.- I do not received my Response Code.
A.- Please check your trash or junk folder, if our email is not here, please contact with our Technical Support.

Q.- I received an email with “WRONG NUMBER”. What can I do?
This message is for insert an incorrect Computer I.D.
Our System need a valid Computer I.D. because for each Computer I.D. there is only one valid Response Code.
The Computer I.D. is the block of 16 characters (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) that appears in the Activation Screen when the application starts.
Please contact with our Technical Support to provide your correct Response Code.

Q.- I can not insert my Response Code in the Validate Field.
Please copy and paste, do not type.



Q.- My device does not appear in the list

A.- Please check our compatible controllers here:
Compatible Controllers (List by brand)
Compatible Controllers (Detail)

Q.- How to set up my controller?
Select your controller here Compatible Controllers , and follow the instructions.
Q.- What is “Single” or “Dual” mode?
A.- Some devices are designed to control only one deck, that is “single” mode: two devices control two decks.
In “dual” mode one device control two decks, it has assigned a physical button to change the deck ( A – B ….B – A), but also it can be changed in the software with the headphone buttons and A / B button of the track info.



Q.- Save Video does not work and / or appears “VIDEO NOT FOUND”.
A.- YouTube changes periodically their downloads links, Save Video it is an auto-update pluging, please check for updates.